Top 10 Fitness Gifts For Her

Ohhh it’s that time of year again and if you’re anything like me I love purchasing gifts with a wish-list in hand. Who wants to guess what your sister, mom, wife or daughter really wants…am I right?

So if she loves to break a sweat then scroll down the page for tons of fitness-themed items that she’s probably dying to own.

And for yourself, you can always share this “fit-wishlist” with your loved ones and make their lives a whole lot easier.


It’s all about the booty today, and these will definitely work those glutes like nothing else. They make for a great stocking stuffer and they are so versatile to use and travel with. Buy Here! 


These pants are my absolute favourite from Lulu Lemon – They are no-fuss, versatile pants and they fit like a second skin, they basically feel like you’re wearing nothing but still give you the support you need. They are perfect for yoga or the gym. Check them out!


She may have one already but these need updates often so whether she’s a devoted yogi or just wants to stretch or workout in style, this non-slip, lightweight exercise mat is a workout must-have. Check it out!

4. NINJA or VITAMIX (if you feel like splurging)

If she’s sweating it out in the gym there’s no doubt that she loves her post-workout smoothie recovery shakes. The Ninja is affordable, quick and easy to use and compact for the kitchen countertop. The Vitamix is more powerful and there’s a lot more recipes you can make with the Vitamix but it’s a little more deep for your pockets. Check them out! VITAMIX  NINJA


Kettlebells are so versatile and they are great to have a set at home on days she can’t make it into the gym. I personally love the competition bells because they feel bada** and they come in different cute colours. A good place to start is pink (18 lbs), blue (25 lbs) and yellow (35 lbs). Buy Here!

6. SWOLE FUEL PAK (Meal Prep Bag)

If she’s a fit-chick then there’s no doubt she brings her food along side with her. The Swole Fuel Pak bags are the perfect way to cart around her prepped meals for the day, keeping them fresh and cool all day long. Check them out here!


There’s nothing like listening to your favourite tunes during a sweat sesh and these Beats By Dre are stylish but more importantly give the best sound and are super comfortable on your head and ears with no wire interference. If she’s a runner they will keep her ears nice and toasty during the cooler months. Check them out! 


MTC Oil is all the talk right now. Known for it’s incredible immune boosting and anti-aging ingredients. I just love this one because it’s evolutionary add-ins, combining vitamins like vitamin d, a, and e and it’s a delicious vanilla creme flavour. Perfect to add to  tea, coffee, or smoothies. Buy Here! 


Built for the athlete who mixes up training regimens on a daily basis, this shoe is all about versatility. Push through every kind of workout with perfect fit and total comfort. These are my favourite training shoes and you cannot go wrong with black, they will go with everything. Buy Here! 


Fit girls love to lug their water around and what better way than with a hydration accessory that looks great too. They have so many beautiful designs and each bottle is composed of 18/8 stainless steel, helping to keep your water (hot or cold) all day long. I personally would go with the larger size (17 oz) for your fitness maven. Buy Here! 

I hope these gift ideas help and if you or your fitness gal is looking for an extra little push…check out some of my kick-start fitness products (and a FREE Gift for you).

Happy Holidays!

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