By now we’ve all heard about how fickle the weigh scale can be when it comes to gauging health and fitness. Team Strong Girls Success Story Tina Brockman is a shining example of the truth in this.

Despite having always worked out and eaten relatively healthy, Tina admits she never really understood nutrition or how to harness it to truly impact her fitness. She came to Team Strong Girls with a fierce desire to learn about how to dial in nutrition and training to achieve peak performance and a body she could feel confident in and proud of. Suffice it to say, Tina’s success was inevitable!

Boasting a strong, more toned and shapely physique since working with Team Strong Girls, Tina couldn’t be happier with her transformation. She says, “I haven’t really lost much. I started at about the same [weight] as what I am now. I have moved up and down 10 lbs. each way depending on if I’m shooting or building. That’s the beauty part of it! I am so much stronger, I have so much more shape, [and] I eat so much more.”

Tina’s phenomenal physique overhaul isn’t the only benefit she’s experienced since following the Team Strong Girls protocol; she has increased her knowledge, changed her perspective on food, and her confidence has skyrocketed. She testifies, “I have such a great knowledge and relationship with my food and training! … I actually under ate prior to Jenny and didn’t fuel my body properly. I now feel very comfortable with my nutrition and my body shows it. [I have] Energy, strength, clean healthy skin, less stress, and [I’m] more grounded. In general, being a Strong Girl has evolved me into a confident, happy mom that can conquer anything I put my mind to.”

Tina is a strong believer that “you are who you surround yourself with.” She’s garnered a ton of inspiration from her fellow Strong Girls, and vice versa. But the other major benefactors of her new healthy lifestyle is her family – particularly her kids. Tina exclaims, “My kids think I’m kick ass! They are so proud of me. They have seen me set goals and smash them so many times and I am so thankful for that! They are proud to tell their friends and extended family that their mom eats so much and eats good foods but still enjoys treats with them. My kids are so proud of my magazine article. My son will tell his friends that his ‘mom was in a magazine.’ LOL.”

The sky is the limit for this Strong Girl; Tina is bound to keep smashing the goals she sets for herself, and we can’t wait to cheer her on every step of the way. If you have goals of your own in mind and just need help actualizing them, join Team Strong Girls. Your true potential awaits