Transformation success stories are about so much more than what you see on the outside. Yes, Tijana Daly completely changed her body composition working with Team Strong Girls. But she also developed a newfound confidence in herself, and nothing tops that.

Tijana didn’t necessarily have a lot of weight to lose, but she was stuck in a perpetual state of “blah.” She didn’t really know how it felt to be consistently fit and healthy – her only experience with being in great shape was prepping for and then competing in her first fitness competition, and those results were short-lived.

As a Strong Girl, Tijana learned how to develop new, healthy habits she could practice for a lifetime. She gained an incredible community of like-minded women, and a ton of self-confidence. She says, “I not only leaned out and reached my physique goals, I also felt empowered to make proper decisions about my food in any situation. I gained a sense of community, which was paramount to my success. And I use the tools Jenny taught me to this day!”

Tijana found the experience of leaning out for a Strong Girls professional photoshoot equal parts challenging and empowering. For her, the journey was a learning curve. Says Tijana, “Fat loss is HARD! I thought I knew everything and it would be easy. Never underestimate the grit it takes to stick through reaching a goal like a photoshoot physique. I couldn’t have done it without Team Strong Girls.”

Photoshoot with West Studio

In the future, Tijana looks forward to rocking more professional fitness photoshoots as well as setting a positive example for her young son. It’s certain that she will continue to inspire others, as she has her fellow Strong Girls!

With the right plan and the right team, you too can achieve results like Tijana’s.

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