The rumours are true! The post workout glow is real AND working out can reduce signs of aging.


How? When you workout you pump more blood, which increases circulation throughout your body. Better circulation ensures that the dissemination of nutrients and oxygen to your skin.


However, to ensure you reap the rewards of all your sweat sessions it’s so important that you take care of your skin. There are a lot of dirt and impurities that come along with sweating and overheating that can irritate those with sensitive skin or inflammatory conditions like acne, rosacea and eczema.

Below are some tips on how to care for your skin pre, during and post workout.



  • Remove your makeup – generally you’d bank cleansing to after your workout sesh, however if you’re wearing a heavy foundation or makeup, I definitely recommend using a cleansing wipe or gentle cleanser (think cream or oil) to remove your makeup beforehand. Sweat, makeup and heat can make for a not-so-ideal combination with some not-so-great effects on your skin.

    Remember, after you wipe or cleanse apply a hydrating mist and a light moisturizer. Always always moisturize. Moisturizing protects your skin and replenishes the oils that are depleted from you skin when you wipe or cleanse.

  • SPF – if you’re going to exercise outside, apply a water-resistant SPF. My personal recommendations are physical or mineral based sunscreens like Babo Clear Zinc SPF 30 or Coola Sport SPF 30. Each of these are non-toxic, plant-based, broad spectrum lotions that contain Zinc and/or non-nano Titanium Dioxide as their sun and UVA/UVB defense.



  • Hands off! – gyms and workout equipment are super dirty. Be mindful of touching your face or rubbing your eyes during your workout. Keep a clean towel nearby to pat away sweat. Once your done, wash your hands before you do anything else!



Sweat or no sweat, you without a doubt need to cleanse post workout. You can keep your regime super simple, including at least cleansing and moisturizing. Depending on where you are in your day, or your preferences, you may choose to include additional steps like exfoliation, serums, masks and SPF (if you’re venturing outside).


Below is a recommended outline for a post-workout skincare regime. This can be used as your daytime or nighttime regime too.  


  • Cleanse: Post-workout, cleanse your skin using a gentle oil, cream or gel cleanser. Lather a dollop in your hands and gently massage your face, neck and chest. Rinse well and pat dry. Cleansing removes excess sweat, dirt and impurities that can irritate your skin.

  • Hydrate: Spritz your face with hydrating mist or toner. Be generous! You’ll want your skin moist so your serums and moisturizers absorb better. I definitely recommend looking for one that’s alcohol-free! Hydrating and toning mists restore the skin’s pH balance after cleansing, increases penetration of serums and moisturizers, hydrate dry skin and more. They’re also great for setting makeup and as a quick refresher throughout the day.

  • Serums: Use 2-3 drops of your gel and/or oil-based serums on the tips of your fingers and gently massage on skin. Serums are treatment focused, meaning they’re ideal for targeting any concerns you may have like hydration, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, etc. You want them to penetrate deep into your skin, which is why you apply them after cleansing and before moisturizing.

  • Moisturize: Place pea-sized dollop of cream moisturizer on tips of fingers and gently massage on skin. Moisturizing is so important. It’s protects your skin from over-drying and locks in all of your previous steps, preventing oxidation.


  • SPF: If it’s daytime, make sure to apply SPF before you head outside. I recommend using one that is zinc-based and/or has non-nano titanium dioxide with broad spectrum protection.

  • Exfoliate: slough off excess dead skin 1-2 times per week after cleansing using a scrub, liquid exfoliant or enzyme-based flash mask.

  • Mask: enhance your skin 2-3 times per week with masks. There are a variety of masks available that can help with any of your targets. You can never go wrong with a detoxing mask like FRÉ Skincare’s Detox Me (use my code JVB for your discount), one of my personal faves (and great to use after your workout).


Remember, this entire journey you’re on is about self care. And skin care is self care.