She may radiate body confidence now, but this wasn’t always the case for Strong Girl Sarah Go. Like so many other women, Sarah once struggled with her body image and it affected how she saw herself and carried herself.

So when Sarah met Jenny, she was ready to rock. She showed up with a fierce attitude and a take-no-prisoners approach. Using the Strong Girls methodology and a nutrition and training plan created specifically to suit her body, goals, and lifestyle, Sarah successfully lost 24 lbs. and an incredible 10 inches off her waist!

About her results, Sarah says, “I regained a love for my body, confidence, and muscle.”

She had fallen into the common trap of doing a ton of cardio in the hopes of achieving a toned physique, and was relieved to learn it was needless. Sarah testifies, “I discovered that I can lift heavy weights, and that I don’t have to do endless cardio to lose weight.”

Another major benefit of Sarah’s transformation? Her new way of living has rubbed off on her family. She now finds that her kids are mirroring her active lifestyle by implementing healthy eating habits and moving their bodies in some type of exercise more often. “My kids are very proud of me,” Sarah happily declares.

With a professional photoshoot now under her belt, Sarah’s future aspirations include continuing to be a healthy, positive role model for her kids and those who know her. And she plans on letting her newfound confidence radiate outwards into the world. Go, Sarah Go!

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