Exclusive One-on-One Coaching With Team STRONG Girls.

Personalized Workouts

Your own Custom Workout Program will be designed around resistance training and metabolic conditioning specific to your goals. If you’re a former cardio bunny and struggling to lose weight, you will be doing less cardio than ever before. To make things easier your workouts and training schedule is provided on an App with all exercise video demos so it will be like I’m training right there with you. You will know exactly what you will be doing and when to do it every day of the week.

Individualized Nutritional Plan

Your own Custom Nutrition Game Plan will include a detailed strategy designed around foods you like to eat. You will never be eating foods you dislike or can’t have. We are big believers in food flexibility and variety so I have created strategies that allow you to easily sub foods and work in FREE MEAL days so you can eat what you want on what day you choose. If you have a special event coming up don’t worry…you have your FREE MEAL with no counting and most importantly no guilt.

Charts and Check-ins

When you receive your customized program you will also have access to The Strong Girls Specialized Systems that track results, meal compliance, and training progress. We will also provide you with bi-weekly check-in documents so you are kept accountable to yourself and your coach.

World-class Coaching & Strong Girls App Access

As a passionate and dedicated fitness professional, nothing pleases me more than seeing individuals achieve their best overall health. My mission is for all of my clients to embrace fitness and nutrition into their lifestyles and to make their journey with me one of the most pleasing experiences in their life.

Your meal plan, workouts, and video demos will be delivered through the convenience of the strong girls app. We will build a custom profile for you to track your progress and keep you accountable.

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More About the Program and What You Get

Your Fitness and Nutrition Coach

I specialize as an Trainer and Diet Coach working with my clients exclusively through email correspondence. The way my clients begin with me is by filling out a detailed questionnaire/profile that itemizes your i) goals, ii) health/injuries, iii) fitness experience, iv) nutrition history/habits, v) lifestyle/schedule, vi) food sensitivities and vii) your food likes and dislikes. Based on this information, I will construct a personalized fitness and nutrition program for you.

A Customized Program Just For You

Every 2 weeks you will be required to submit a biweekly report for progress updates and plan adjustments. This is where our real work together lies – COACHING you through any obstacles we may encounter along the way and keeping you compliant with your plan. Of course I’m also ALWAYS available for questions.

Join A Supportive and Active Community!

In addition to this, you will become a member of the TEAM STRONG GIRLS private community where many of my clients (your teammates) share best practices, share their success, along with sharing their challenges, offer support, and is also a place to ask questions. This group helps immensely with accountability.

Join the Program and Save!

Our coaching rate starts at $349 (USD) per month (billing is every 28 days and also includes applicable taxes) with a 6-month minimum commitment done through PayPal. Coach Jenny’s consulting rate is $499 (USD) per month. If you wish to continue with the program after the 4 month mark, billing becomes month-to-month. Depending on the personal trainer and the gym, rates could be $800 per month or more!

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Learn the Proven System Behind All My Clients Amazing Success Stories.

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