If you know me, you know I’m big on celebrating non-scale victories (NSVs). These are so key to any successful journey, especially Strong Girls.


Haven’t heard of NSV before?

It’s simple. They’re basically anything that make you feel proud and doesn’t require the scale. Because let’s face it, the scale is just a number and a true Strong Girls transformation is SO MUCH MORE than any number a scale could register.


A NSV can include pretty much anything like:

  • You increased your weights at the gym
  • Your pants are fitting looser than usual
  • You successfully navigated a social outing
  • You said No to something that didn’t serve you well
  • You successfully rejigged your schedule to ensure you got your gym time in


The list is endless.


So how do you go about celebrating your NSVs?

Firstly, SHARE SHARE SHARE! Proudly spread your excitement far and wide. Tell your friends and post it online for the world to see. Your victories will inspire someone else. These things are not meant to be secret.


Next, reward! And by reward I do not mean with food. I always say, we’re not pets. We do not needed to be ‘treated’ with food for good behaviour.


When I reward myself, at the top of my list is gym clothes. I have very solid reasons for gym clothes too:


  1. They’re protecting and lifesaving.

Ok, perhaps a tad dramatic. However, proper running shoes provide support that prevent ankle and foot injuries. Tights ensure that you don’t get tangled up in machines. Thinly insulated jackets keep you warm and shield you from weather if you’re working out outside.

Are your shoes comfortable and safe when you train?

  1. They improve your confidence.

They really do! Any time I’m sporting some fresh gym clothes I feel like there’s nothing that’ll intimidate me. They definitely help you embrace the true goal-smashing bada$$ that you are.


  1. They up your performance game.

Whether it’s improving your range of motion, keeping you cool, etc. fresh gym clothes can really make the difference in a sweat sesh. Not to mention that you feel fly AF when you walk in with a sweet new outfit.


  1. They’re durable and stand the test of time.

And they need to be. Think about it, if you’re going to the gym 3-4 days per week you’re wearing and washing your gym clothes a lot. Look at them as investment pieces. You want good quality so they function well and last a while!


  1. They motivate you!

Truth!! Nothing gets me more excited to hit the gym than when I have some fresh new gym clothes to sport. Am I right? They’re invigorating, energizing and make you super pumped about slaying your workout… maybe even landing a new personal best or an NSV – all in style!

So start earmarking those Under Armour tights that catch your eye. Or Pinteresting the Nike sneakers you’ve been dreaming about. If there’s one thing I know about my Strong Girls, NSVs come quick and plenty.


I forecast a whole new gym wardrobe in your future.