Chae’s Story:

Do you ever feel like you have the weight of your entire family’s needs are on your shoulders? Leaving you little to no time of your own? And if you even think about doing something for yourself then mom guilt checks-in and stops you in your tracks!!!

Well that’s how Chae Marsh, a Mama of 3 felt, and let’s be honest – we all feel this way.

This former NFL Cheerleader/Pro Wrestler loves fitness but over the last few years its had to take a step back behind her family – even though she was doing an incredible job.

Not gonna lie, I do it myself too. Everything I do is for my son and the thought of doing something for myself brings about feelings of “mom-guilt”. But I can tell you that thinking is just wrong. Because its important to not forget about yourself while raising your family. But for many moms this happens because the kids, the hubby and just life itself can get in the way.

And before we know it, we’ll find ourselves at the bottom of our priority list compromising our health and even happiness.

Mom Guilt:

Guilt a mother feels when she takes time to do something for herself, outside of work, that does not involve her children.

In a nutshell that’s what Mom Guilt is and, even if we’re doing a fabulous job, we end up second guessing ourselves and asking questions like:

  • Do I spending enough time with them?
  • Am I doing enough?
  • Am I a bad mom for doing a little something for myself?

The common misconception is moms are always expected to do everything for everybody else. And if we do have time left over (which is never) then (and only then) can we have precious “me time”. It’s funny how that never works out though?

So when Chae reached out to me, not only did she want her pre-baby body (and pre-baby body confidence) back but she also wanted something more:

Chae says: “I wanted to find myself again because after being married for 10 years and having 3 great kids, I felt like I’ve become only a mother and a wife. But there was something inside of me that wanted to be dug up again – who I was and still am. And to do this I knew I had to prioritize myself…”

When Chae established herself near the top of her priority list (along with a Family Friendly Fitness strategy), she found that bit of herself that’s been locked away for so long.

She looked so incredible that we just had to do something epic! We got this hot mama in front of the camera for her first fitness photo shoot in more than a decade!

Dropping Mom Guilt:

When I saw Chae’s confidence strutting through the Las Vegas dessert, I teared. Because this awe-inspiring mama’s story is so important to me…not just because she looks insanely gorgeous…but because it’s a story about overcoming Mom Guilt.

It is NOT selfish to prioritize yourself because your family needs to see that too. And when you prioritize yourself, the reality is the whole family wins.

Being a Strong Mom means you’re setting the standard for a Strong Family.

Not many moms will move themselves up the priority list and will risk fostering relationships with other people…and even themselves.

Being able to see moms find themselves again on a regular basis, by playing a small role in their journey, is something that I’ll never tire of.

I just wish more moms would drop the mom guilt.


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