“I tried for years to figure out how to lose weight and shape my body on my own. I worked with trainers, signed up for shake diets, juiced, counted my calories (which were so painfully low), did all the cardio available, you name it. All along I felt like I was getting nowhere. I was in my 30s and not getting any younger. My metabolism was definitely slowing and my pants were tighter for all the wrong reasons.

I was a distant admirer for Jenny’s transformations for a while. It took me a long time to get the nerve to reach out. I knew what she was doing worked. That was clear. I knew that it was a different take than I was used to – eating more to lose more combined with weights. And I knew that it was going to be a serious commitment.

The Transformation:

When I finally took the plunge in January 2015 my entire world changed. Over the course of the past three years, with Jenny’s coaching, I’ve lost weight and transformed my body, but I also forged a healthier relationship with food, identified and learned to work with sensitivities, corrected postural issues, slowly adapted a new lifestyle and learned how to CHOOSE ME! 

Megan Van Fleet Las Vegas Photoshoot

Choosing me is the biggest take away! Without it I’d continue to be a slave to what I felt other people expected from me versus what I wanted for myself. This notion rippled throughout every corner of my life. And encouraged me to get real with myself, my values and what truly makes me happy. It’s made me better and stronger person not only for me but for the people around me.

Getting my health in check triggered getting my entire world in check and I now understand the importance of feeling good inside and out, and it influenced me to take risks I would have never otherwise taken. I followed a passion and went back to school and got my esthetics license, which led me to completing my level I and II Usui Reiki certifications, along with other various energy healing modalities. I also participated in two professional photoshoots and was recently featured in Inside Fitness Magazine, as well as on the cover…

Talk about surreal!

Official Fitness Model

Coach JVB proudly holding Megan’s Cover Issue

So while I’m still not getting any younger, I definitely feel younger. My metabolism has picked up its pace. My pants are tighter for all the right reasons (us Strong Girls call it a Booty Mission). And the life I thought about is now the life I live.

So to anyone reading this, I encourage you to take the plunge. Everything that comes along with the change is worth it, including yourself.”


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