Being able to give birth is a privilege and a gift. It’s an extraordinary experience growing and nurturing a life, watching our bodies change shape, adapting and adjust as it shares space.

As child bearers, pregnancy puts a lot of weight on us (pun intended!), particularly post child birth when we’re now trying to piece together our new life as a parent. Days and nights are blurred throughout the first couple of months. Before long we’re itching for some form of normalcy. An essence of the life we once knew… and the body too.

Losing the baby weight is a focus for every mom post pregnancy. And truth be told, it can definitely be challenging given our new life and responsibilities, but it’s not impossible

When beginning your journey to drop those post pregnancy pounds, there are a three preemptive items you need to take note of.

  • Make sure you’ve been green lit by your family physician to start working out.
  • Enlist the help of a registered nutritionist to create a diet plan. This is important as you want to make sure that you’re as energized as possible to be there for your little one, and so that your body can continue to produce ample milk, if you’re breastfeeding. Remember food is fuel! And as a new mom, you’re going to need all the fuel you can get.
  • Get comfortable with the fact that this is not a fast process. Nor should it ever be; however as a parent your time is partitioned even more than pre baby. Commitment and consistency is key with a dash of flexibility. Being flexible will help you take the pressure off yourself. If you miss a workout, don’t sweat it. You’re human. Eat a cookie? That’s fine too. Enjoy it and get back on track. Life is about ebbs and flows. And besides, your little human will always come first!

Coach JVB and Baby Jackson at 3 months postpartum

The final nugget of information you’ll want to keep in mind is that there’s no cookie cutter way to shed the weight. It’s important that you find the flow that works best for you and your family, remembering that you are more than entitled to a little me time, which can include a proper sweat sesh.

To help inspire you and motivate you further, I’ve enlisted a number of strong mamas I admire and have had similar journeys as you to share some of their favourite baby weight shedding tips that helped them lose the baby weight and keep it off.


Mom: Jordanna Nativ
Weight Lost: 25+ lbs

I grew up believing that in order to lose weight I had to cut back on my calories. And boy did I ever. After the birth of my daughter I was restricting so many of my meals, desperate to get my pre baby body back. Then I learned that you can actually eat more to lose more – I loved learning how to incorporate the foods I like to eat on occasion like nachos or a burger and still reach my goals while not feeling guilty. My food is abundant now and I love it. I eat primarily whole foods, most of which I prep weekly at home. My metabolism is reved up. I have more energy than every for my little girl. And most importantly I no longer fear food. As a mom, that’s the kind of thing I want my daughter to pick up on.

Jordanna Nativ


Mom: Carey Hodgeson
Weight Lost: 60 lbs

Eating with a newborn is never easy, so I started preparing large batches of healthy foods I enjoyed like sweet potato french fries, brown rice, chopped fresh veggies, salmon, chicken and turkey bacon. I also always make sure to have some healthy fats nearby, like almonds and cashews. This made me throwing a meal together so much easier. I never felt like I was in a dieting prison unlike every other diet I had tried in the past which resulted in me bingeing and never achieving my goals in the past. The ability to freely eat any all sorts of food made it so easy to have things I felt like for variety while staying completely on plan. I was eating delicious food and lots of it! And while the prep felt daunting at first, I eventually got into a flow with my little bean, or I’d enlist the help of my partner. Having available food options at home was so key to my postpartum weight loss and being a fit and healthy mom.

Carey Hodgeson’s incredible 60 lbs transformation


Mom: Andrea Lombardi
Weight Lost: 26 lbs

Andrea’s 25 lbs weight loss and Diastasis Recti fix



Mom: Aireen Vargas
Bikini Body at 6 months postpartum

Aireen Vargas at 6 months postpartum


Mom: Ilana Van Zyl
Weight Lost: 22 lbs

New Mom Ilana Van Zyl’s 25 lbs postnatal transformation


Mom: Jovana Gubolovic 
Weight Lost: 60 lbs

Mom of 3, Jovana Gulobovic, loses 60 lbs


Mom: Tara Douglas
Weight Lost: 25 lbs Transformation




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