Jordanna Nativ’s transformation story

I’ve been working with Jenny now for over three years. I initially reached out to her while I was on mat leave. I had seen her transformations online and after some background research I knew she was the real deal. My goal was to drop 10lbs and Losing the last bit of baby weight was proving harder than I anticipated.

From a dieting perspective I had tried everything from diet pills, to restrictive calories, South Beach Diet, shakes, juice cleanses, you name it. Quite honestly I couldn’t exactly remember a time when I wasn’t “watching my weight”. Workout-wise, I was regularly active doing various mommy-and-baby bootcamps, as well as yoga.

I knew that whatever I did next, I wanted it to translate into a lifestyle that I could adapt with my family. Getting rid of that final bit of pregnancy weight was important. But being a newly-minted mom with a daughter, setting a positive example for her was paramount. As I journeyed further into the process this became the driver for me course-correcting my negative behaviours towards food, in addition to me addressing my body confidence issues. If I’m honest, I had no idea what I was actually capable of.

Since working with Jenny my life has completely changed. And it wasn’t without a lot of hard work and learning. Jenny helped me understand that I can eat more and lose more. I immediately began fueling my body with more food that I had ever eaten. I slowly began to retrain the way I interacted with food and learned to love it, rather than fear it. I also began lifting weights. Over the months I started seeing my shape change and grow stronger. When I used to feel stuffed for days, I was now hungry almost immediately after eating. Furthermore my confidence grew and I was prouder than ever of my body.

Fast forward to today, what started as a quest to lose the baby weight has transformed not just into a lifestyle, but a living. I’ve lost (and kept off) over 25lbs, participated in 3 professional fitness photoshoots, became an Eating Psychology Coach and launched my own blog called The Inspired Diaries where I advocate for body acceptance and confidence

Through all this I’ve learned that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Most importantly the journey you start is one that never ends. And through your quest to be your best self, you inspire more people than you could have even imagined, including yourself.


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