With Thanksgiving this weekend (in Canada) I thought it would be a great time to offer my some Thanksgiving Tips to make sure we don’t begin the holiday season 5-10 pounds heavier 😉

Typically I would categorize Thanksgiving in the same manner as I do Christmas and Birthdays – enjoy yourself in the company of friends, family, and loved ones without even mentioning dieting.

These holidays are rare opportunities for laughter, love, and company.

Because I celebrate a lot of holidays with my 2 families and many dear friends which usually falls close to some fitness projects that I’m booked on, I use my Ten Commandments to help me navigate through these events without feeling restricted or limiting the fun I have with the company around me.

10 Commandments To A Waist-Friendly Thanksgiving

1) Portion what you can control. If you’re serving yourself, be aware of overdoing the heavy calorie items such as gravy and dessert. If you absolutely have to try a loved ones food dish then simply eat (and enjoy) these foods (made with love) under control.

2) I suggest opting for more of the white meat on the turkey (I still  combine it with both the dark meat and skin for flavour)

3) Choose sweet potatoes or squash and controlling the portions of the white potatoes, breads, and stuffing.

4) Go lighter on the gravy.

5) Go lighter on the cranberry sauce.

6) Fill up on more green veggies and be aware of what it’s cooked with.

7) Avoid the multiple glasses of wine. Go for lemon water or sparkling water with lime (my fav!)

8) Control the portion of dessert. I like to use smaller pieces so I can try a little taste of everything.

9) Control the peer pressure from loved ones to continue eating.

10) Appreciate the meal you ate and the time you spent with loved ones. These are precious moments in life that should always be enjoyed…no guilt attached.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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