They say ‘Opposites Attract’.

But I am yet to see a couple who have absolutely nothing in common and still haven’t had a fallout. To give you an example, let me tell you about a relationship I was once in.

I’ve always been an extremely health conscious female and when I was in my early 20s my boyfriend at the time liked to drink heavily on the weekends and also too many weeknights. And let’s not forget about the blackouts.

How long do you think we made it before the condescending exchanges started shooting from both sides for the lifestyle styles of the other? Not very long.

That’s all it takes for a fallout to happen if we don’t approach differences in a healthy and respectful manner.

But luckily I don’t have to convince my husband to exercise or prioritize his health but, as a coach, encouraging your partner to exercise can be a challenge especially if you love hitting the gym. In fact this has lead to many disagreements and often times fights and nobody wants that.

So let’s talk about the many ways in which you can encourage your partner to workout while being a supportive and encouraging.

Couples that train together, stay together

Being a Role Model

  • The best way to lead is by example because you can try telling your spouse to exercise but chances are this usually comes across the wrong way. But by committing to your own fitness program and healthy lifestyle, there’s a good change you’ll encourage your partner to do the same. It’s surprising how often people decide to make a change when they’re inspired what they see instead of what they’re told to do. Share your workout experience with them. Not to advertise but to let them know that they have an option to join you if they’d like.  Continue with your daily workout routine and make sure they catch you while you are at it. When they see you working hard to stay healthy (and looking great!) they will want to join you on their own. Actions speak louder than words after all.

Encouraging Healthy Behaviours

  • The most important things about you wanting to inspire them to work out with you is so that you can encourage healthy behaviours and also an opportunity to spend some time together – and make sure they know that. Let them know that your encouragement is coming from your genuine concern for their well-being along with an opportunity to connect on a deeper level with a new activity together. Start small by encouraging them to eat healthy and identifying habits that aren’t congruent to your goals so you can grow together. If they are comfortable with this, move on to the next step with exercise and, perhaps, an after dinner walk. And then slowly, if they show interest, encourage them to take up a workout routine and experiment for a short while. While all the way emphasizing that how important it is for them to stay healthy, for themselves and for you.

Opportunity To Connect

  • Let your partner know, how great it would be if you both trained together. We all lead extremely busy lives. Between work, family and other responsibilities, we barely have time to spend with our spouse. So working out together can be an opportune time to spend with your partner. Whether it means hitting the gym together, trying a new sport or going for an early morning run together, exercising could be your happy place, where you both connect in a way that you can’t otherwise. Aside from the conversations you can have while training, you can also learn about your partner’s body language. Exercising together will bring your bodies in sync in a way nothing else can. It will be a great opportunity for you to connect with your spouse.

Being Honest

  • Obviously regular exercise is a great way to stay healthy. While your spouse may be well aware of how a healthy lifestyle will be beneficial for them, they might need a little perspective. If you want them to take better care of their health it’s important to let them know it’s also for your sake as well. And if you have kids, definitely for them even more! Being healthier will only improve the chances of your spouse living a longer and more enriching life with you.

Gentle Encouragement

  • If your partner is new to exercising, be gentle. Every pro was once an amateur and you don’t want to intimidate your partner. You are somebody who loves and understands them and wants nothing but a healthy life for them so be patient with them. Let them ease in to a routine of regular exercise. And don’t force your workout plan on them. Let them figure out their own workout routine and schedule. Once exercise becomes more of a priority, doing this together will be enjoyable!

Encouraging your spouse to exercise with you will be worth it in the end when you see their transformation and also become better connected.

If you think that you and your spouse both need the inspiration to work out, pick up my Transformation Bundle now and start on the road to better health together.