Being in the Fitness Industry for as long as I have, I was always told landing a cover of a major Fitness Magazine was unrealistic.

In fact, it was so far fetched that the odds were even less than a one in a million shot.

While landing a cover wasn’t more of a priority for me than setting up my business and helping others with their fitness goals, it certainly was still a big dream of mine to hopefully be recognized by a magazine on newsstands one day.

I worked relentlessly to build my brand and I always kept the mindset of not allowing anything to deter me from fighting for my dreams (despite countless of naysayers and distractions).

It was important to me and the authenticity of my business and brand to never purchase any followers or likes. I just never saw the point. When I post on social media I want to share information to help real people.

I try to be as proactive as possible and not reactive to any competition.

And despite what some may think, you don’t have to wear close to nothing to get noticed…although that can work for some lol!

After a decade of being in this industry and through all of my ups and downs, I was finally blessed with the opportunity to represent Inside Fitness Women’s Magazine a few months ago.

Ahhhhh!!! (I still scream in disbelief in my head when I think of this).

Being on that cover is still one of my most cherished moments and I’m forever grateful to Inside Fitness Magazine and Arsenik Studios Inc. for giving me that incredible opportunity.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Never stop believing in yourself and don’t let anyone try to take your dreams away from you…ever!