Enjoying the foods I love and having the body I want

Lori’s Story:

I’ve been working with Jenny since 2013 and every year we keep doing bigger and better things!

After seeing all her transformations, I had to be a Strong Girl! When I originally reached out it was to lose some weight but what I didn’t anticipate was how much I would learn.

In the past I would eliminate carbohydrates and go for months without fruit thinking it would cause weight gain. I was so miserable and always starving with very little progress in my physique. But after working with Jenny, I rejected the idea of food restrictions and embraced the notion of Eat More/Lose More.

Jenny taught me that no food was off limits allowing me to break free dieting prison. I was eating so much food and enjoying what I wanted, improving my relationship with food and also my body. In no time I started seeing my shape form and my body becoming more detailed. I never thought I could achieve my physique eating without depriving myself or having to spend endless hours doing cardio.

What I’ve let go of is the “All or Nothing” mindset because perfection can be paralyzing. After embracing this I’ve never achieved so much in my life since applying a Flexible Approach to eating, working out and living. I’ve permanently lost over 35 lbs, participated in 3 professional fitness photoshoots, and my story was featured in Inside Fitness Magazine.

I’m now also coaching clients promoting the same principles Jenny taught me – My Flexible Dieting

By focusing on establishing a healthy relationship with food, you really start to enjoy life. And knowing that no food is off limits rejects the notion of food restriction and dieting.


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About the Author:

Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe is a Fitness Expert, Nutritionist, Health/Wellness Writer, Diet Coach, Contest Prep Specialist, Entrepreneur, and Mommy Blogger. After spending years as a Before and After Transformation Consultant for numerous Diet and Fitness companies, with campaigns being seen in countless magazines and television commercials across the world, Jennifer has now created a successful brand name for herself. Each day she motivates hundreds of her own clients from around the world including providing daily wellness tips on her website and various Social Media pages. As a Coach and motivator, Jennifer has a unique connection with each of her STRONG GIRLS and STRONG MOMMIES that stems from sharing her own wellness journey.

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