Canada Day is the official kickoff to summer in the Great White North! So it’s only fitting that finding tips and tricks to stay on plan with your fitness goals, while having the most amazing weekend, is our topic this week. And since most plans involve tons of time being outdoors, here are my top tips for having fun in the sun and keeping your fitness lifestyle at the forefront of your goals.


If you want to help supercharge your goals while enjoying some downtime from your program, don’t forget to drink your water. I recommend 3-4L daily, but with the sun beating down, we might need more just to stay hydrated. Plus it’s a great inhibitor to increased cravings as you’re surrounded by all that delicious food and drinks.

Water intake during the outdoor events helps me refrain from snacking and also managing any alcoholic beverages. Because being out in the sun too long, it’s likely we’ll lose count of what we’re eating and what we’re drinking – especially in a dehydrated state.

So make sure to have your water.


This is the big one. The one that everyone worries about. Should I bring my food? Should I skip the event? Should I just eat vegetables?

It’s Canada Day. And if this blog means something to you because you have an upcoming event, then listen up. This is my overarching policy for holidays and events: PORTION WHAT YOU CONTROL and CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN’T PORTION.

As long as you were diligent in the week with your programming, 1-2 meals off plan isn’t going to derail your progress. In fact, from a psychological standpoint, the dieting break can help you stay committed to your program much longer.

Less boundaries. More fun. Better progress.

More importantly and event like Canada Day should be enjoyed with friends and loved ones. Not locked up in isolation with your prepped food. Now I’m not saying to treat the event like an all-you-can-eat buffet but a little pre-planning will go a long way.


Sunburns are common during this time of year for obvious reasons. And while we all know to wear sunscreen, there’s a good chance we’ll forget. So here’s my reminder to you!
When selecting a sunscreen look for one that ensures broad spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays, has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or higher and is water resistant. Because you’ll likely be sweating.
It’s also important to note that high-number SPFs lasts the same amount of time as low-number SPFs. And don’t forget to apply it every two hours.
You don’t want to be recovering from sunburn after an incredibly, fun filled holiday.

Arm yourself with these ideas for healthier planning, a drink or 2, and fun in the sun.  And then break out the sparklers, wonder at all of the fireworks, have fun with friends and loved ones…and enjoy Canada Day!

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