“But I don’t have space for a home gym!” I hear this too often, and it sounds like an excuse, right? I hate to say it, but it is. While you may see some expansive and enviable home gyms featured on Instagram, the truth is you need very little space to pack in the bare necessities for killer workouts.

Given the unprecedented times we’re living in now, it’s no surprise there’s a surge in the popularity of minimalistic workouts. Everyone and their mother are offering ideas for at-home training options with next to no equipment needed. And that’s awesome, in my opinion. The simpler, the better right now. Just moving your body creatively in different ways is enough to keep shocking your system and maintaining or even improving your fitness.

The reality is that many of us don’t have the space to allocate for large pieces of equipment. This results in some not working out as much as they normally would, which is too bad because the truth is you don’t need as much space as you might think.

With everyone on lockdown our Strong Girls have pivoted from their typical gym routines and have invested in some or all of the following pieces. The result? Like the bosses they are, they haven’t missed a beat with their transformation goals.

So, here’s what you need for the ultimate minimalist home gym space. Happy online shopping!

✅ Assorted Dumbbells

  • Having an assorted set of dumbbells is one of the first pieces of equipment we recommend picking up when you’re starting to build out your home gym.

✅ Kettlebells

  • We love our kettlebells and these are a staple with our workouts. I recommend picking up competition sized kettlebells coloured blue (25 lbs) and yellow (35 lbs). Kettlebells are so versatile and I love the explosive aspect of the movements. Plus you can move a lot of weight with kettlebells in a very short amount of time!

✅ Lebert Equalizer

  • If you train from home I highly recommend these for rowing and pulling exercises but they are also so versatile as an all-in-one system. We have so many exercises and circuits using the Lebert Equalizer.

✅ Resistance Bands

  • This is the easiest of all pieces to pick up in terms of space and cost but don’t let the appearance fool you, band exercises pack a punch!

✅ TRX Suspension

  • This is another all-in-one exercise system that I love which emphasizes suspension training.

✅ Adjustable Bench or Stability Ball

  • Having one of these gives you the ability to do a lot of your gym exercises at home like presses, rows, flys, etc., at various angles.

✅ Weighted Vest

  • This is a new one inside our arsenal of home equipment. If you don’t have room for a lifting cage or Olympic bar and plates, a weighted vest will increase the load of your lifts for exercises like squats and deadlifts.

So there you have it: a minimal amount of equipment that takes up next to no space in your home. Invest in some or all of these pieces and enjoy awesome, creative workouts!

Coach JVB