So I’ve been experimenting with Fitness Trackers over the last few months playing around with my Fitbit and also my Apple Watch but I have to admit…

I’m not the most technically inclined person but these devices are now so easy to use, giving me so much data on my exercise output.

Even better my clients are using Fitness Trackers now so, as a Coach, it’s important for me to understand the data that they’re tracking.

I find Fitness Trackers incredibly useful for novice trainees because of their inexperience to push themselves so the heart rate tracker is extremely beneficial to monitor intensity and caloric expenditure.

But with so many Fitness Trackers out there (like so many), I was overwhelmed with which one to recommend so when I stumbled upon this review from, I had to SHARE.

Check out the top rated Fitness Trackers for the year and see if yours made the list –