Have you ever gone all in on a fitness goal only to want to give up the moment you mess up? Maybe you ate a plate of wings so you figure you might as well just forget it for the rest of the day, or even the week. Perhaps you even want to quit altogether!

I know it sounds a bit silly, but this happens more than you know. This “all or nothing” mindset happened to me!

The “all or nothing” mindset happened to me!

When I was just starting out doing fitness modeling and training clients, I went ALL in on my goals in all the wrong ways. I overdid cardio, I ate NO carbs; I had an all or nothing mindset that made me go to extremes. It was unhealthy – for my body, my mind, and my spirit.

I went to extremes, and it was unhealthy – for my body, my mind, and my spirit.

One day it all came to a head and I fainted on the gym floor while training a client. Talk about mortifying. This was my big “aha” moment.

I realized there had to be a better way for me – for all women – to go about getting fit and feeling healthy and amazing. Because going to extremes and having the “all or nothing” mindset feels anything BUT amazing. It’s soul crushing.

We want to feel amazing and the “all or nothing” mindset does anything but make us feel good. It’s soul crushing.

The answer is balance. Balance in our eating habits, balance in our workouts, balance in how we react to set backs. Because we are going to have set backs.

I hope I’m not bursting your bubble, but you’re not perfect. Your friends aren’t perfect. The influencers you follow on social media aren’t perfect. And if you’re expecting perfection, you’re backing yourself into a corner.

The answer is balance. Balance in our eating habits, our workouts, and how we react to set backs.

 So you ate a plate of chicken wings. You missed a couple of workouts this week. You had some extra treats here and there. Whatever it is: forgive yourself, and find ways to move on from your missteps.

One of the most important strategies I teach my clients for moving on from mistakes is to Correct and Continue. The stress from agonizing over the mishap often becomes so much worse than the mishap itself!


3 Tips to Recover from the “All or Nothing” Mindset

  1. Correct and Continue
    • I’ll repeat this to you until it hits home – you are not your mistakes. They’re simply missteps that you need to forgive yourself for, and then just move on.
  2. Gratitude Journal
    • When you express gratitude, good things grow. When you focus on the negative, negative things can weigh on you, making taking action feel impossible. So journal in the morning, during your day, or at night. Write down a few things you’re grateful for, and you’ll start to manifest positivity.
  3. Action Beats Anxiety
    • You’re Correcting and Continuing. You’re manifesting the good with gratitude journaling. Still feeling anxious? Try taking action. Even if it’s the tiniest thing, like a 10 minute HIIT workout. Maybe it’s jotting down some daily or weekly goals. Whatever it is, do at least one small positive thing. It can turn your whole day around.

The “all or nothing” mindset is hurting you. It’s time you let it go. Try my 3 tips and above all, remember: when in doubt, Correct and Continue!


Coach JVB