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Jennifer (aka Coach JVB) is a leading global fitness expert and registered holistic nutritionist. Her online lifestyle and dietary coaching services have influenced and motivated thousands of women towards their fitness goals around the world. Jennifer focuses on developing customized programs that encourage an educated approach to food choices, flexible eating, graduated exercise programming and a constant spotlight on goal development. She has been praised for her dramatic transformations, totaling 20,000 lbs lost. She has also inspired many of her clients to enter into the wellness and/or fitness industry as a profession.

Jennifer is an avid writer and spokesperson. She’s worked with a variety of household brands like Under Armour, GNC, Staples, Kii Natural Foods, Smile Wholefood Blends and more. She has also been featured on notable television programs like Breakfast Television and The Shopping Channel, as well as print publications like People Magazine, Star Magazine, Strong Magazine and Muscle Memory and also landed 2 covers to Canada’s number one fitness magazine, Inside Fitness Magazine.

Jennifer earned her registered holistic nutritionist license at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and is certified personal trainer and a pre and postnatal specialist. A consummate student, Jennifer believes in lifelong education and has continued to attend workshops and trainings to secure additional certifications and designations in the fitness and wellness realm.

Jennifer is also a mom herself to a 3 year old boy, after having her son her mission has been to help mom’s prioritize themselves again and she believes wholeheartedly that mom’s set the standard for the family.

Coach Jaclyn

Hi! I’m Jacki, a registered yoga teacher, fitness coach and movement specialist. I approach health and wellness from a holistic perspective, finding balance between, work, fun, and health.

I’m also a national champion bikini fitness competitor and fitness model. I know the extremes in the fitness industry and am here to help you navigate them in a healthy way, focusing on internal health and longevity over quick fix solutions.

My objective as a fitness coach is to inspire people to tap into their strength of mind, body, and spirit to establish lifelong healthy habits; to demonstrate how being health-conscious can establish a full and happy life; and to encourage everyone to continue learning and exploring through physical activity and healthy living.

Coach Nadine

Nadine is a Registered nurse that specializes in diabetes, obesity and endocrinology. She is also a transformation coach, strength coach and nutrition expert who also holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Windsor and a Masters Degree as a Nursing Practitioner. 
Nadine’s personal philosophy is to challenge people beyond what they believe they are capable of accomplishing. She hopes to inspire people to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. She believes people not only need to change their mindset towards exercise, but must also have a positive and balanced relationship with food.
She truly believes a healthy mind represents a healthy body.