Isn’t Thanksgiving one of the very best times of the year? It’s at time to spend with family over a deliciously cooked meal often times creating the best of memories. And because Thanksgiving is so food-focused,  feeling crappy because of indulging and weight gain often follows.

So I wanted to share my favourite tips on how to NOT gaining weight over the next few days but still enjoying every bit of the weekend. 

If you’re following a structured nutrition program dietary compliance is key along with getting your workouts in – this information isn’t anything new and should be the cornerstone of how you approach your fitness goals anyway.

That being said I would categorize Thanksgiving in the same manner as I do Christmas and Birthdays with my Strong Girls philosophy of enjoying yourself in the company of friends, family, and loved ones without even mentioning the word “DIET”!

Thanksgiving can be a rare opportunity for family laughter, love and memories so don’t be a downer and talk about your food prep or your weight loss goals because nobody wants to hear that.

Now that that’s out of the way, here are my favourite healthy tips to survive Thanksgiving:

11 Thanksgiving Healthy Tips:

  • Portion what you can control and control what you can’t portion. If you’re serving yourself, be aware of overdoing the heavy calorie items such as gravy and dessert. And if a loved one wants you to try out a food dish they made, you absolutely need to do so! Don’t worry about your
  • I suggest opting for more of the white meat on the turkey or combining it with both the dark meat and skin
  • Opt for more sweet potatoes or squash and controlling the portions of the white potatoes, breads, and stuffing.
  • Go lighter on the gravy.
  • Go lighter on the Cranberry Sauce.
  • Fill up on more green veggies.
  • Avoid the multiple glasses of wine.
  • Control the portion of dessert – PRO TIP: I like to use smaller pieces so I can try everything
  • Control the peer pressure from loved ones to continue eating.
  • Appreciate the meal you ate and the time you spent with loved ones. These are precious moments.
  • Most importantly – have fun and trust yourself.
  • If things didn’t go according to plan, don’t beat yourself up – CORRECT AND CONTINUE.

Following these tips over the weekend followed by getting back to your program the following day will ensure no long term repercussions with weight gain or falling off track. By focusing on healthy living and fitness as a lifestyle, you’ll always be making progress with your physique.

I hope these 11 healthy Thanksgiving Tips helps you navigate through the weekend without any anxiety. Approaching food in a manner of confidence is always the healthiest way to eat.

Happy Thanksgiving!