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Learn the Proven System Behind All My Clients Amazing Success Stories.

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5 Day Reset Diet

Learn how to get rid of that puffy bloated feeling in as little as 5 days with my FREE 5 Day Reset Diet. You’ll be amazed with the results!


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Use my body transformation tool to find out where you should start and let me guide you on how you can reach your health and fitness goals.

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Tight in 20

This Home Workout Program is for busy self-motivated indivuals looking for results with a fast, easy and proven training system to follow.

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How The Coach JVB Method Works

Although each of my clients are incredibly different from the other and require different dietary structures and exercise programming, all of their plans embody my 5 key foundational steps to success, which are to:

1. FUEL their bodies with lots of delicious and wholesome foods.

2. SCULPT their figures with carefully crafted weight-based programs.

3. ACCELERATE their training with quick cardio-centric sessions at the end of their workouts.

4. ASPIRE for more and continuously adjust their goals along their journey.

5. SUPPORT their fellow Strong sisters through our online community

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Learn the Proven System Behind All My Clients Amazing Success Stories.

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